This is how I imagine Anons looks to muses, to be honest.

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((We’ve all been missing you too! <3 Hope you’re doing well.))

((I’m doing very well, thank you dear uwu School’s been less busy lately so I’ll probably be able to revive this blog a little.))



… I have a problem

*Chuckles nervously while sweating profusely.*

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((oh gosh I miss you all so much ; ; 

((and how I did not lose any followers and in fact GAINED many is a mystery to me

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(Semi?) Hiatus

Okay so…school’s started up again, senior year and all that, and my muse has been dead. Mostly I can blame the intense workload I’ve had since before the year even began. I’ll mostly be on skype, so if any of my mutuals want my skype then you can ask and depending on how much we talked beforehand, I’ll probably give it out. 

But otherwise, I won’t be on Lina very much at all. I’m putting most of my focus on my grades and college admissions, and I’m aiming for the best. If I get my muse back, I might log on for a little bit. But otherwise, don’t count on me being around too much. I’m not losing Lina as a muse completely, thankfully. But she just doesn’t take priority right now.

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Name: Emika

Nickname: Emi, Em, Koguma, Cub

Birthday: August 26th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 5’2” :(

Time zone: Eastern time

What time and date is it there: August 30th, 18:34

Average hours of sleep: 6-9

OTP’s: MaineLina, Texington, Yorkalina, Connington, South/CT

First word to come to mind: hungry

Last thing I said to my family: ”Okay.”

One place that makes me happy and why: Poland Woods, there are no civilization sounds and not too many people sounds

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1-2

Favourite beverage: Orange Calpis

Ten people: agent-newyork, totallycompletelysane, abitofabadass, staynakedstayclassy, freelancer-agent-york, freelancerladymaryland, the-noblest-six, trouillard, pyrrha-nikos-jnpr, ask-a-rwby-student